• To Dan H.J.

    There he is - yes larger than life, this creature
    God saw fit to share with me. Oh! He is beautiful, just as I knew he would be Stunned, struck by a bolt of pure passion.
    When at last our eyes met and our souls touched. More than a man, he is a gift with joyous treasures to share
    He is male with a scent marvelous in its essence He is as God would give, flawless in construction yearning to be loved as only I can love... more »

  • Untitled

    Why do I yet dream of this fairy tale knight who came to me as a child in a dream?
    Why do I wait and what do I wait for?
    Is this knight the one who will carry me away, into a brighter light?
    Is that why I dream of ways he will whisper his love all over my body?... more »