After a Grammar school education, left aged 16 and worked down a coal mine for twelve years. Left mining in 1985 and went into finance.
Married twice with four grown up children and seven grandchildren.Play and sing in a band and read copious mountains of books, anything from Sci-Fi and fantasy to Dawkins and Gould.
Love the theatre and classic literature and of course good deep felt poetry.


Mick Law Poems

It's When..........

It’s when I think of you
That the light floods in and the withheld smile so long unseen comes to My face and stars my eyes

It’s when I miss you... more »

Mist And Light

On that day when winter's veil had lifted and the brightness rushed Back in.
We found a misty land, where we laughed at time and talked of the Cosmos and a billion suns.
We stood there stoney still, cemented.
We heard the sea, smelled and drank it in and we said no words.... more »

The Building

They came from far afield to build it
It was a lifetimes tribute to their gods
It towered above their straw thatched village
And people died in piles to see it done... more »

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Anastasia 03 Apr 2018 09:42
frivolous and profound. caring yet penetrating