• All The Sweets I Have Eaten

    All the sweets I have eaten and savoured everyone.
    From the childhood “full to bursting” bags of treats,
    With senses on fire and the eager anticipation of wonders to come,
    Delving into a tasty mix with a new experience at every turn,... more »

  • Cold

    ... more »

  • Crisps

    crispy crunchy crackley
    Munchy juicy salivatingly amilasily gorgeous
    Beefy cheesy salt and vinegary
    and the E numbers just carry you away... more »

  • Dad

    I felt you today;
    When sadness came
    And I didn't notice tears
    Until you wiped them away... more »

  • Dreams Of Singapore

    There we were just
    you and I
    In the steel built eye of the city
    a vast panorama spread out around us:... more »

  • Engerland Engerland

    The times I kick and head so many balls at night
    I turn and jink and set the ground alight
    I was that team and all the work put in
    could not disguise their frailty and their 'fail to win'... more »

  • Fawdon Snow

    I closed the door silently with strange echoes,
    My feet felt the cold compacted crunch of virgin snow.
    I shivered then smiled.
    The view before me was of soft woollen, curvy shapes... more »

  • Finding Me

    At the edge of my mind
    Where the light leaves me blind
    And the darkness is pressing and near
    Where happy meets sad and the good meets the bad and the smiles and the grins kiss the tears... more »

  • Going Out

    Going out

    Am gooin art agen and looking forward to a night of jovial emptiness?... more »

  • Here

    I sit here thinking of your face
    Surrounded by a hundred silent, miss yous
    And a thousand tacit typed, I love yous
    I have a picture in my mind... more »

  • I Turned Around........

    I turned around to look and you were gone
    The room turned ice-cube cold and conversations froze
    I felt you, not there
    The world switched to pause... more »

  • It's When..........

    It’s when I think of you
    That the light floods in and the withheld smile so long unseen comes to My face and stars my eyes

    It’s when I miss you... more »

  • Live For God's Sake

    And if it all ends
    And the promise was from falseness given
    If all the world is so small and meaningless
    If hope was just a word... more »

  • Love Atoms

    I love you in the atom and in the cosmos
    In the grit of rough ploughed soil
    And in the pallor of a winter sky
    I love you in the dead leaves of autumn... more »

  • Lovers Lane

    So you took all the pain
    Whilst I took all the blame
    We could not feel the same for coldness you became
    I found the courage to refrain... more »

  • Mist And Light

    On that day when winter's veil had lifted and the brightness rushed Back in.
    We found a misty land, where we laughed at time and talked of the Cosmos and a billion suns.
    We stood there stoney still, cemented.
    We heard the sea, smelled and drank it in and we said no words.... more »

  • My Dad Still Lives

    He died on the first day of May,
    They say he passed away,
    Just as the spring sun came
    He shrugged away the pain... more »

  • Permission

    Give to me the freedom of your mind and I will know the truth of you
    Allow me entry to your dreams and I will dance with you
    Let me touch your soul and I will gladly melt in you
    Grant that I may feel you close and I will give you passion... more »

  • Poem For Jane

    I see you; you were barefoot in the past
    Carefree, sun-kissed and eager
    Nothing could stop you
    I feel you... more »

  • Seasonal Love

    As summer yawns and eyes hang heavy soon to sleep
    and winter wakes in blankets cold and grey
    what will she bring for us my love
    what will she bring for us.... more »

  • The Breath

    I only realised the massive impact of you in that one breath
    I drew it in, never ending and the red cells quaked at the ready
    It flew into my lungs and the message was too much
    My body reeled at its depth and shied from it's power... more »

  • The Building

    They came from far afield to build it
    It was a lifetimes tribute to their gods
    It towered above their straw thatched village
    And people died in piles to see it done... more »

  • The Conker

    I drove the road through silver autumn sun
    The endless line of moving metal snaked behind
    Huge green tinged church tower trees shaded the way
    And as I Glimpsed across I saw it there... more »

  • The Life Commandments

    Thou shalt have the capability of becoming more complex
    Thou shalt have the ability to self replicate
    Thou shaly naturally mutate
    Thou shalt be lucky... more »

  • Thoughts

    I saw a boy climbing an oak tree, he conquered the monarch of the woods and I found thought of you
    Jupiter and Venus and a crescent moon flooded into binocular lens and you were there, astounded
    I felt the spring sun break from its misty winter den and warm us both together but apart
    I stood barely breathing as darting chaffinches blazed colour at me from background green and you gasped aside me.... more »