• A Birthday Wish To My Wife

    With laughing eyes obsidian bright
    Crystal clear like winters night

    With perfect hair and fringe so neat... more »

  • Birthday 44

    Your Birthday 44
    Again my love your birthday’s here
    So I give to you my Love in rhyme
    That we share great Love, to all is clear... more »

  • I Love You Again

    I Love You Again! ! ! !

    Today is the day I should tell to how much I love you
    But to say so would be a terrible farce to do….... more »

  • Love In The Dark

    Here in my bedroom deprived of all light
    My senses reach out to the blackness of night... more »

  • Our Special Place

    Many places we’ve been… just you and me
    and the most special place is our own by the sea
    The place that draws us back the most
    Is the beautiful, exotic South African coast... more »

  • Snowflakes

    ... more »

  • Spirit

    I am and I was and I always will be... more »

  • The Ghost Of Fear

    The Ghost of Fear

    Oh! What a terrible demon am I
    Invading your thoughts, infecting your lives... more »

  • The Land Of Happy Tears

    In the land of happy tears
    Where radiant spirits drive out fears
    Where hope is humbled and faith roams free
    Where Gods great family chose to be... more »

  • The Path Of Life

    Life on this Earth, I’ve come to learn
    is a mysterious path that twists and turns
    The path is quite random... choice alters the way
    It can speed the way forward.... or cause great delay... more »

  • The Sleep Of Life

    Oh! ! Restless mind why talk you so?
    I want to sleep! I want to find!
    Subconscious levels of my mind!... more »

  • Two Elderly Ladies

    Sitting under some Mdoni trees awaiting lunch when,
    Out of the corner of my eye
    I saw two elderly Ladies approach
    Who glanced around……paused, and sat nearby…..... more »