• Living On The Streets

    Living in the squares
    With no ceiling or roof above
    To protect us
    Awake and breaking the rules... more »

  • The Family Vacation

    My family and a familiar face
    Likes to play games
    We retreat to the dungeon
    Of old games... more »

  • The Game

    Three builders at hand
    But it's only a game
    Father's home
    And this is the darkest dream... more »

  • The Gods Sons

    Wondering who I am
    I search deep within
    And take all sorts of test
    To discover my personality and true self... more »

  • The Old Folks Home

    Pacing and minding my own business
    What a beautiful day it is
    Then I saw a venus
    I persue them with dark intent... more »

  • The Summer Camp

    Night has come
    I open the door
    A safe place is found
    A fake star has come out... more »