• If I Died...

    Dead music, live music.
    Swirled around in the mass of a familiar theme tune.
    Buy now. Save later.
    But it's all so ephemeral.... more »

  • My Disappeared

    There's a chance I'll never see you again.
    It's a realisation that hurts to the core.
    Someone else's decision cut you from my life,
    Snapped the tie between us.... more »

  • No Words

    It's impossible to explain.
    I can't do it.
    The words I'm so longing to say have died.
    Those lips you kissed,... more »

  • The Fifth Wheel

    In a world full of people, why are some alone?
    I'm surrounded.
    Those two are in love
    And so are those two... more »

  • Untitled Regrets

    Ever done something you shouldn't have?
    Straight away, could you feel it was wrong?
    Or did it take a while
    For regret to take hold?... more »