• 1d, 2d,3d,4d,5d?

    1d is the shallowest of all
    Single lines drawn stand tall
    2d at least now with this
    A square can be formed oh bliss... more »

  • 3d Computer Chat

    There is an imaginary world on my pc
    Which allows escape to you and me
    There we can have the ideal figure
    The perfect us we can configure... more »

  • A Friend

    A friend who I hope with me will stay
    A friend thats been there both night and day
    A friend who's been there by my side
    A friend who found me when I'm upset and hide... more »

  • A Jack Russell's Trip To The Beach

    My owners they took me to the beach
    They parked facing the sea it was in reach
    But I was ready to make my escape
    As the whole journey a plan I did make... more »

  • A S L? (Age, Sex Location?)

    I was instant messaged again today
    And for personal details as if I'd say
    To give to some one who
    Had only just said how do you do... more »

  • A World Filled With Love

    I dream of stone castles floating in the sky
    And mysterious strange worlds on high
    With flying angels with flowing golden hair
    And cotton candy clouds floating in the air... more »

  • Act Of A Loner

    Sometimes Its tough being a loner I say
    When others around are pushed away
    It hurts silently so deep inside
    And this hurt you try to simply hide... more »

  • Alarm Clock

    Every morning I lie warm peacefully sleeping
    When rips through the air the most terrible beeping.
    From a monstrous noisy shrieking plastic block
    My nasty persistent tiny little alarm clock... more »

  • Angel Internet Friend

    The typed words of an angel appeared on my screen
    Sending kindness and love though me shes not seen
    Like soothing music played from a harp
    Words are sent to me heart to heart... more »

  • Another Birthday

    So much has happpened in the last year
    Things that I didnt think of, or even fear
    Events that no soul could do anything about
    I've cried so many nights all alone... more »

  • As Evening Falls....

    As evening falls,
    Beauty of nature she calls
    A warm orange glow us does surround
    Casting a magical light all around... more »

  • Backstabbers Liars All Around

    There's liars back stabbers all around
    They grin pretend so this isn't easily found
    You try to be nice and friendly to them
    They talk smile joke with you and then... more »

  • Balance Of Life - Good And Bad

    A person maintains a balance of feeling
    Some are destructive others giving healing
    Some give great joy whereas others are sad
    They can be good or painful and bad... more »

  • Battle Of Fog Wind And Sun

    It's a mysterious morning in the wood as the fogs settled in
    Fog dances with the wind through the trees twirling
    A hazy white blanket diffusing scattering the light
    Everything looks so different tricking your sight... more »

  • Beautiful Flower

    The rays of the sun kissed, caressed her face
    As she slowly awoke from her dark hiding place
    Stretching petals opening at the start of the day
    As the last of the night's darkness had gone away... more »

  • Because

    Because you once loved me
    Because you had hugged me often
    Because you had left me
    Because you deceived me... more »

  • Bend To The Light

    A beautiful velvet rose grew
    Spreading strong and true

    Her beauty there for all to see... more »

  • Beware Of False Friends

    You can find people that say they are your friend
    But this is often not true and sends me round the bend
    These are people that will often will talk just have fun
    But will walk away once your use to them is done... more »

  • Birthday Alone

    I'm on holiday and you ask why are you so forlone
    Well todays my birthday and Im just stuck here alone
    This morning I opened my eyes
    And stupidly in vain hoped for a nice surprise... more »

  • Blue

    Blue what does it mean to me and you?
    It has many this is very true
    In religion blue has many things so I begin
    Some Hindu Gods have blue skin... more »

  • Books

    Dive into a book without delay
    Wonderful things I do say
    Fiction and Non-fiction too
    All brought to life by you... more »

  • Broken Dreams

    Another broken dream
    Another dream fades away
    They say words are just word
    So why do I believe what I heard... more »

  • Broken Promises

    You made promises of things you'd do
    But these never once came true
    It promised hope to which I did tightly hold
    But they fast decayed, turned into mould... more »

  • Bullies

    Bullies are people that don’t care
    They don’t think of others and are not aware
    Often they seem so hard and strong
    From them you can’t seem to hide from... more »

  • Butterfly

    They flutter around so prettily
    In colourful, beautiful symmetry
    They rarely for a second wait
    Or ever master flying straight... more »