• A Breath Of Air

    I love you
    three wisps of breath that
    make pulses leap at wrist,
    at throat, make hearts stutter... more »

  • A Drift Of Dreams

    Dreams drift
    in random ambiguity
    not naming names
    or pointing fingers,... more »

  • A Little Light Musing

    Light gleams along the laughing lips
    that smile from secret shadows
    in the corners of the world;
    watching eyes sparkle... more »

  • A Moment And Forever

    How long is too long?
    A minute more without you
    will stretch to eons in my heart
    I have not met you yet... more »

  • A Question Of Solitude

    and do you enjoy

    your solitude?... more »

  • A Series In Blue


    endless blue,
    the colour of the sky,... more »

  • A Simple Little Valentine

    More than pretty cards
    on paper, more than
    chocolates or wine
    more than dinner... more »

  • A Simple Soup

    soup simmers om the stove
    arpeggios of garlic harmonize with sage
    with the counterpoint
    of coriander calling out for salsa... more »

  • A Sweet Sorrow

    dressed all in blue today
    celeste, turchino, azzurro
    with sandals like
    a fisherman...... more »

  • A Tangle Of My Hair

    I saw you a moment ago
    lost between my lashes
    at the corner of my eye
    I saw you, I knew you,... more »

  • A Touch Of Sad

    not happy in this moment
    pressure in the eyes
    presages tears
    but not the kind... more »

  • A Very Short Story

    Morning was her favorite time of day. Night was just a space between sunset and sunrise where people snored and snorted and sometimes got pregnant.

    Morning was the time of singing birds, gleaming clouds and steaming cups of fragrant coffee just waiting to welcome doughnuts for their dunk. At the thought of coffee she stretched a long lazy luxurious stretch, rolled over, fell out of bed and broke her neck.... more »

  • Affirm

    just write they say
    pound out the words
    and let reality take shape
    create the dream that drives you... more »

  • All The Time

    it's only time they say
    but time takes so long
    to happen
    time was... more »

  • And Bang...

    Birdsong swoops and stutters
    in the morning air
    bouncing off the ringing
    in my ears;... more »

  • And Love Is...

    Find the answer
    to the question
    asked across the ages
    what is love?... more »

  • Another Dawn

    Apollo kisses Night into submission,
    the clouds all pink with pleasure
    as they decorate the sky;
    fragile flags that shift,... more »

  • Another Twilight

    Twilight brings half light,
    soft silhouettes against the clouds
    mere traceries of life
    that boomed and strutted... more »

  • Apology Not Accepted!

    Should I be grateful
    that you hurt me?
    Carved me back and forth,
    left me in tatters... more »

  • At Last, We Meet.

    What if we do not please
    each other? What shall we say
    if when you look at me
    I am not your dream?... more »

  • Bathing In The Sun

    Sun is a weight on skin,
    heat pressing down
    into the bones,
    limbs scattered... more »

  • Bedtime Thoughts

    Night has come to take me hostage,
    tie me up in fantasy and dreams
    of romance mixed with lobster
    which I might prefer, it will not... more »

  • Being

    life exists always,
    cannot be undone
    does not notice if continuity
    is in a worm... more »

  • Being Me

    I exist, bee swarm of cells,
    around the core of Spirit.
    Chaos half translated into form
    incarnate and seeking to be stable... more »

  • Being Now

    Wind rippled just the surface of the grass
    a gentle movement to open eyes
    shut down by business, turned so far
    forward to the goals that others... more »