• A Note To Chelsea And Matthew

    A day without some shine
    Can leave the blind sublime
    With every dead guy
    I see the news come by... more »

  • Ashes

    My heart beats like a soldier at war
    My my. Thoughts galore
    Living in peace is what they adore
    But being with you is want I want more... more »

  • Confucius

    I read the scriptures
    Scriptures that bred sparks
    Sparked the minds of potential teachers
    Confusious, teach me your art... more »

  • Exhaust

    Words and abundance
    Red ribbon, how triumphant
    Looks like this area's marked
    Different after the dark... more »

  • Hate

    I hate life
    I hate every being of what I know
    All who's done something or nothing I hate, but not all.
    I've seen the world today. How every half a day I change.... more »

  • If There Is A Heaven.....

    If there is a heaven
    Why must I suffer?
    Why am I a farce?
    Why must I be crazy?... more »

  • I'm Sick, And On Meds

    I just thought I should go
    Without a letter of plea
    Hear me though the silence
    My thoughts are dreary... more »

  • Invisible Tattoos

    I write in my pad
    The problems of the day
    I swear it's just another ray
    From the sun above today... more »

  • Just For Fun

    Living on gold with many laughs sold
    Just playing for eternity while honestly we're bored
    I hate the mate who came along another
    After winters went by I'm no longer like your brother... more »

  • Just Leave

    The person complains
    That all they want
    The person of age
    Has fought and fought... more »

  • Knowing Where To Go

    I wait for a response. But I stop
    Drinking lots and lots of schnapps.
    When I think, everyone leaves
    But when I see, I see me... more »

  • Life Worth Living

    I tried
    I tried
    I tried to live a lie
    So, I came back with honesty and pride right on my side.... more »

  • Me

    I live to tell
    He listens
    He listens very well
    But his condition... more »

  • Play On Words

    Nothing to do
    But go right
    Leave home
    Greet the knight... more »

  • Still 19

    Though I'm still not 49
    I can plainly see
    That my parents linger on... more »

  • The Girl

    I look for clarity.
    The love and its epitome.
    The girl has me with her
    Don't know. I'm in a circle.... more »

  • The Ocean, Where It Lays

    Under the ground lies my kin
    Under my soul, journeys within
    A touch of the wind. Bears a sting
    Still within, still within... more »

  • The Yell

    A siren to break the ice
    An honest man with venom from vice
    I told my brother I loved the message
    Deep down I didn't understand the wreckage... more »

  • Time Flies

    Something brings a tear in my eye
    Sometimes wished I said bye
    Left a rosary by my thigh
    Well, it's over now. Time flies... more »

  • Too Much

    Of this
    Of that
    No sense
    To make a comeback... more »

  • Trash (That I Know)

    I never wanted to be the different one
    I'm tired that keeps me from having fun
    I mingle with the ones who can really talk
    But I'm walking towards the grass more than the side walk... more »