• 00.I'M Funny When It Comes To Anal Probing And Being Abducted By Zetas

    On my way home, police car pulled me over.
    After they left, I puttered out of gas.
    Triple-a’ came, but my card was expired!
    I had to walk home, and of course, it rained half the time.... more »

  • 1. I'M Alone 2. I Miss Alisha...3.Comment This! ! ! !

    I light another melted candle
    Stop to think about anything worth thinking of
    Come to no conclusions
    Take each step as it comes... more »

  • 9/11 Untitled

    Your heart beats black with deception
    Until clarity took it's last breath
    Turn the shadows to light
    Buried beneath the ashes is a passion for life... more »

  • 9-15-06

    Seething I breathe a subtle purpose
    Anger rising scratching the surface
    Bleeding I convey the chains I've wrapped around my veins
    Pushed as I fall, I'm inclined to hate... more »

  • Advant Garde Ruptured

    Ablaze with passion rising
    with the distant twilight wind
    Endowed in serenity
    Only to be cast down by pain... more »

  • Ambivalence

    She met a razor blade with an ambiguous look in her eyes
    She amorously succumbed her every thought as it catered itself to her pain
    Each scar she made cut with an artful dexterity
    The monument she created douse in her pain... more »

  • Angel Calloused Beyond Repair

    Like an angel flying over your house
    Like an angel passes out wishes
    like an angel i would move the arrow... more »

  • Anger...A Morbid Imperfection

    Pendulum stops and falls away
    Life sifted through the sand... more »

  • Beautiful Liar

    Proven beyond contradiction
    And you push your lies off your tongue
    Behind your eyes lies a heaven falling to obscurity
    You're the epitome of a beautiful liar... more »

  • Between Decadence And Fidelity...

    I think there's a secret in telling
    confusion has brought us here
    and with each line given
    i still have yet to read any scripts... more »

  • Black Rain

    Comes in violent flurries
    Light the candles as we speak
    It puts them out in stride
    Saturating all that's weak... more »

  • Bri (2)

    Why do your eyes paralyze me?
    What makes me feel this way?
    Just carry me away with silence and heartbeats,
    As rapid thinking about your embrace... more »

  • Clutching Firm To Schematics

    Fallen without a conscience
    Victimized by a simple trend
    This unmended heart severed from my veins
    Uniquely designed to BREAK! ! !... more »

  • Coma Headache Like-Thing

    Crack me open,
    Peek inside
    Hollow body - sunken eyes
    A resonating stare... more »

  • Creatively Metaphorical

    My mistakes are mended into a weightless burden
    My pride is like a cold heart of stone... more »

  • Ephemeral Reciprocity

    Scarring the circle of dreams and trading the passion of beauty for an emptiness wandering in the evergrey

    Forever lost in the spiral, oh so black
    Buried but conscience in a grave of illusions... more »

  • For A Mutual Friend

    There's such a remedy of words that await on my tongue, poised and rearing
    There's something about our relationship that leaves my heart content
    I always saw you as an angel thru God's eyes but at the same time you... more »

  • From The Mind Through The Fingertips

    she screamed.. it wasnt the scream that she had always imagined herself making at this exact moment, though she had thought about it ever since the nightmares started taking over her dreams.. she knew it was on the horizon, and that she would be face to face with this kind of fear, too soon to prepare herself.

    and here she was. on fire. her lungs were swelling as if they would explode.. her heart was pounding relentlessly and she couldnt breathe for anything. but she was screaming... her mind was blowing up like electrical expolosions and she couldnt think clearly. how did she get in this room? where was the door? was there a door? where did that mask go? was it still connected to the demon who was subjecting her to shear pain, or had he finally revealed himself?... more »

  • Gained The World But Have Nothing

    Prisms with intellect
    Wary of the water
    Enticing the past more than I care to explain
    A scene unhinged... more »

  • I Am My Father's Son, Guaranteed A Heart That Leaves Me Nothing! ! ! ! ! ! !

    Bless me father for i have killed
    Far too many men
    I've been screaming for fucking hours
    And staring at this gun for days... more »

  • I'M Sorry...

    Swept away by the wind
    Night shadows turn to grey
    Solace reside in the sun
    and the darkened souls fall in the sand... more »

  • Inside

    'she's further away from anything i've known...
    and to know that her heart has sifted into someone else's hands artlessly tears me apart
    so this is a poem about losing the only person you love...'... more »

  • Intrigue Yourself With Something Metaphoric

    My mistakes are mended into a weightless burden

    My pride is like a cold heart of stone... more »

  • Memory

    Lost in this world, no more emotions
    Can't find the things that sculptured my soul

    Hear the questions from the heart, search the answers on my face... more »

  • Monday Angel (Pt.2)

    Artless words are the most beautiful parody everytime you sing
    The phrase that cuts my tongue 'I LOVE YOU'.
    Thru hope and faith and by the perfect curves of your face,
    I'll always love you whole-heartedly.... more »