• Artesian Well

    In the feathergrass steppe
    Sources lie buried,
    The thirsty sun knows
    Life isn't raspberries.... more »

  • Fuji In A Saucer: The Poem

    Through tannic steam I catch a glimpse of Fuji:
    Against a yellow sky volcanic gold
    A saucer narrows nature very strangely,
    In shallow ripples lovely to behold.... more »

  • I Am Leaving Alexandria

    Ah, I am leaving Alexandria
    and will not see it for a long time!
    I will see Cyprus, dear to the Goddess,
    I will see Tyre, Epheses and Smyrna,... more »

  • I Gather Motley Flowers

    I gather motley flowers
    And braid, braid a garland,
    Sharp spears fall
    At your victorious feet.... more »

  • May Dew

    May dew and haze
    I catch in taut canvases.
    Stuffed in a costrel tight,
    I'll take them home come light.... more »

  • Music

    I hug you, -
    Both the rainbow to the river
    And the clouds flame
    In God's hand.... more »

  • My Groom And Friend

    My groom and friend came from afar.
    I kiss your feet!
    He drew his circle around me.
    I kiss your hands!... more »

  • Sun, Sun

    Sun, sun,
    divine Ra-Helios,
    you delight
    the hearts of kings and heroes,... more »

  • The Sense Of Your Bidding

    The sense of your bidding is unclear:
    to pray, to curse, is it, to fight
    you bid me, inscrutable genius?
    The spring slackens, niggard, meager,... more »

  • We Were Four Sisters

    We were four sisters, four sisters were we,
    All four of us loved, but had different "becauses:"
    One loved because father and mother told her to,
    another loved because her lover was rich,... more »

  • When Someone Says: "Alexandria"

    When someone says: "Alexandria,"
    I see the white walls of a house,
    a small garden row of gillyflowers,
    an autumn evening's pale sunlight... more »

  • Where Will I Find Words

    Where will I find words to describe our stroll,
    The Chablis on ice, the toasted bread
    And the sweet agate of ripe cherries?
    Sunset is far off, and the sea resounds with... more »