• Confession

    I'm to believe, but with some fear,
    For I haven't tried it all before,
    That every monk could be sincere
    And live as he by altar swore;... more »

  • Death Of The Poet

    The Bard is killed! The honor's striver
    Fell, slandered by a gossip's dread,
    With lead in breast and vengeful fire,
    Drooped with his ever-proud head.... more »

  • Don'T Trust In Self...

    Don't trust in self, my dreamer young, don't trust,
    Beware, like ulcers, inspiration…
    It is the heavy fit of your unhealthy heart,
    Or jailed ideas' irritation.... more »

  • Forever You, The Unwashed Russia!

    Forever you, the unwashed Russia!
    The land of slaves the land of lords:
    And you, the blue-uniformed ushers,
    And people who worship them as gods.... more »

  • From Goethe

    Tops of dreaming highlands
    Darken in a night;
    Valleys lull, in silence,
    A fresh dim inside;... more »

  • Gratitude

    For all, for all! I thank you, o my dear:
    For passions' deeply hidden pledge,
    For poison of a kiss, and stinging of a tear,
    Abuse by friends, and enemies' revenge;... more »

  • He Has Been Born

    He has been born for hopes and for joys,
    For inspirations peaceful! - But, a crazy,
    He early left the world of fairy tales and toys
    And threw his heart in a sea of high life, hazy.... more »

  • I Come Out To The Path...

    I come out to the path, alone,
    Night and wildness are referred to God,
    Through the mist, the road gleams with stone,
    Stars are speaking in the shinning lot.... more »

  • I Want To Live...

    I want to live; I crave for sadness -
    Against my bliss and love, in truth;
    They sank my mind in idle gladness
    And made my brow very smooth.... more »

  • Jewish Melody

    My heart is in a gloom. Be fast, Oh bard, be fast!
    There is a harp of gold:
    And let your fingers, that on strings are cast,
    Wake sounds of the God's Abode.... more »

  • Loneliness

    It's Hell for us to draw the fetters
    Of life in alienation, stiff.
    All people prefer to share gladness,
    And nobody - to share grief.... more »

  • My Country

    I love my land, but with a queer passion,
    My mind isn't able to absorb it, yet!
    Nor glory, purchased by the bloody actions,
    Nor peace, in proud confidence inlaid,... more »

  • My Home

    My home is always there,in the heaven's vault,
    Where one just hears lyre's sounds,
    All with a spark of life have here their resort,
    A bard has, too, a space around.... more »

  • The Angel

    The angel was flying through sky in midnight,
    And softly he sang in his flight;
    And clouds, and stars, and the moon in a throng
    Hearkened to that holy song.... more »

  • The Beggar

    By gates of an abode, blessed,
    A man stood, asking for donation,
    A beggar, cruelly oppressed
    By hunger, thirst and deprivation.... more »

  • The Captive Knight

    By a loophole, I sit in my prison,
    Could see the blue of the heaven from there,
    I feel sharp pain and a shame at the vision
    Of heedless birds, freely playing in air.... more »

  • The Cross On The Rock

    I know a rock in a highland's ravine,
    On which only eagles might ever be seen,
    But a black wooden cross o'er a precipice reigns,
    It rots and it ages from tempests and rains.... more »

  • The Dagger

    Yes, I like you, my knife of damask pledge,
    My friend so bright and so cold,
    A thoughtful Georgian forged you for his revenge,
    A free Circassian then sharpened for a row.... more »

  • The Dream

    The glen of Daghestan, at noon, was hot and gleaming;
    I lay on sand with lead sent to my heart,
    My deadly wound was deep and easily steaming;
    And, drop by drop, was oozing out blood.... more »

  • The First Of January

    When I often stay a motley crowd in,
    When before my eyes, as in an awful dream,
    To humming orchestras and dances,
    And foolish whispering of speeches learnt by eart,... more »

  • The Grave Of Ossian

    In my beloved Scottish highlands,
    Under a curtain of cold mists,
    Between the sky of storms and dry sands,
    The grave of Ossian exists.... more »