• As I Sit

    As I sit on the clouds
    My house jumps on the dog
    As I wash in the drains
    My matchstick enemy blogs... more »

  • Dear Kevin Rood Part 3

    When does we begin to end?
    When does the letter less receiver send?
    The dead leaves fly into an easterly setting sun
    Where the brigin twipps... more »

  • I Keep My Sense Of Humour In A Bottle

    My medial canthus listened to her skirt
    The fire in the fire is burning marijuana
    Tied by sticky tale controlled by lionscrumpy
    Washing away the eternal flow... more »

  • The Love That Was Forced Upon Me

    Where love exist
    The drain glows dull
    And the video cassette shines in the gutter
    Can you fly in such a bath?... more »

  • Would You?

    Would you reply to
    This perennial happiness
    This extra mundane serenade of willingness... more »