• Gen Quiet Here Today

    It is quiet here today;
    No jumping on and off the walls of children,
    No small huddles of people talking,
    No muted responses to an almost incomprehensible droning,... more »

  • Gen A Carpet Of Gold

    A carpet of gold
    Splattered with scarlet;
    Sweat of the poor,
    Blood of the exploited,... more »

  • Gen A Room Of Smoke

    A room of smoke, non-inflammable music and inconsequential chatter;
    A room of food, drink and light snacks;
    A room of the brittle, the mundane and the hearty;
    A room of men and women gaily attired,... more »

  • Gen A Time To Ponder

    With unpremeditated intensity the blue sky darkens into heavy, threatening grey;

    Wind makes the trees restless then whips them into a frenzy of whirling leaf and bending bough;... more »

  • Gen Alone

    ... more »

  • Gen An Unread Poem

    An unread poem -
    The wind howling in Arctic wastes;
    The fragrance adrift in a forgotten garden;
    The mountain call with no echo;... more »

  • Gen Carrying The Can

    I'm not putting the blame on you, God,
    But, the way it is down here,
    It's the one at the top who carries the can,
    Takes the flak, does the mop-up jobs,... more »

  • Gen Cloud Ninety-Nine

    Aboard and at ease on Cloud Ninety-nine,
    I plump up a pillow and gently recline;
    Say a short prayer and farewell to the world... more »

  • Gen Come Rest Thy Head

    Come rest thy head upon my breast
    And I shall wipe away those tears
    And I shall drive away those fears;
    And I shall give thee soft -lid sleep... more »

  • Gen Contentment

    Between your gentle hands you hold my head
    And softly lean my back upon your breast;
    How warmly happy I feel.... more »

  • Gen Despair

    Despair -
    When hope is snuffed out like a guttering candle.

    Despair -... more »

  • Gen Finality

    They are hammering in the nails,
    Hammering finality into the mother's mind;
    They are lowering it into the ground,
    Lowering into hell the mother's soul;... more »

  • Gen Friend 2

    A friend supports in time of need,
    Shares the joke or listens to our tale of woe;
    The one who comfort gives, indeed,
    And triples pleasures as they come and go;... more »

  • Gen Friendship

    Friendship stands the test of time,
    Where-ever the place, whatever the clime.

    Friendship is mellow, friendship is strong,... more »

  • Gen God's Blog

    God's blog:

    L I F E writ big,... more »

  • Gen How Rude!

    No excuses from the mobile,
    Buff or clothed, it wants its say;
    Conversations sweet and low
    Only make for better show.... more »

  • Gen I Walked With The Wind

    I walked with the wind on a desolate hill
    And the voice of the wind was keening and shrill;
    The knife she held in her delicate hand
    A slim, steel blade to sever the mind... more »

  • Gen Life-Line

    ... more »

  • Gen Lost Or Found?

    There should be thousands of them,
    Millions of them - everywhere.

    Souls of the dead, the as yet unborn, the dead unborn;... more »

  • Gen Lost?

    There should be thousands of them,
    Millions of them - everywhere;
    Souls of the dead,
    The as yet unborn,... more »

  • Gen Meeting

    ... more »

  • Gen Meeting On The Blind Side

    We have met,
    Off and on, I suppose,
    Down through the ages;
    Under crystal domes and louring skies,... more »

  • Gen Mirror Image

    Since infancy have I known you;
    Through school and college days you were my companion;
    Studies and interests we held in common;
    At the most intimate times of life you have been with me.... more »

  • Gen My Heart It Bled

    When I was young and fancy free
    I hung my heart upon a tree;

    And there an arrow found its mark -... more »

  • Gen No Peach Blossom

    Fled past,
    Fled fast,
    Are Autumn leaves;... more »