• A Stranger To Myself

    As I sit and look at her
    I see her staring back at me
    Before me is a stranger
    Whom I once knew completely... more »

  • Confused

    Tell me what it is you want
    You've got me so confused
    You say one thing but do another
    Making me feel used... more »

  • Deception And Lies

    Lies and secrets will never stay hidden
    For truth is much stronger than deception
    You thought you could hide your secrets from me
    But finding out the truth was just so easy... more »

  • How?

    I can see the way you treat me
    Deep down I know we're not meant to be
    But I just can't seem to let you go... more »

  • My Inspiration

    Your eyes were like stars
    That lit up my life
    Your smile was like a sunset
    It helped me sleep through the night... more »

  • Still

    Your smile
    Still melts my heart
    As it did the day
    I first looked upon your face... more »

  • Stranger Before Me

    It kills me when I look in your eyes
    But I feel nothing within my soul
    My heart can't see passed all the lies
    And the hurt and pain it holds... more »