MD Mimie Durand


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Dear Mimie! My name is Erik Gero. A musician and composer with European background, living in Canada. As I was searching for poems on roses, I discovered your enchanting poem The Mystical Rose Your beautiful poetry inspired me to write some exquisite music. Your poem is the center and the title piece of my Triptych for Choir Flutes and percussion. The Avanti Singers, the Chamber Choir of Brock University St. Catharines want to premiere this work in the spring of 2017. I need to have your permission for this occasion. Unfortunately I won't get payed any money for this performance to share. However in the case of a recording or publishing this work in print, I gladly give you, your share either in one amount or a percentage of the income. Please get back to me with your answer ASP. Here is my e-mail address: Warmest regards Erik