Minerva Agriam May 18,1968

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'Life is not about how great or small you are, but it's about how you smile at God Who made you unique in every little bits of your life; where you can find satisfaction in your heart, happiness in your soul, contentment in your flesh, and peace in your mind.'
Peaceful life
'Love is one great sacrament essential to life; it is a basic need to all living beings.'
'When you aspire with all your heart and soul, and you give your all to attain your dream, all the heavenly entities will conspire to make your dream come true in Gods perfect time.'

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Thank you all for recognizing & for the good reviews of my poems which speak of my experiences; specially this one that tells of my faith in our God Creator. Maam Simmons Im sorry I have no extra time to explain my faith to you coz Im working white trying to publish my 400-500 poems in just three weeks coz I will be very busy next year. Im only on my 6th day as member on this site when this piece of mine is chosen poem of the day. Im so inspired to write more. Thank you all specially to my lovely star Rajkumar Patra who is the vessel of me finding this site. Love you all. To God be the glory.