I grew up in many different places. My father was in the Air Force so we moved almost every year. When he finally retired, my family moved to a plot across from my mother's parents. They live there still.

Inspiration comes in many forms for me. It could be from personal experiences, stories form friends, music, books, movies, or whatever may cross my mind in my meditations. I usually write whenever inspiration kicks me in the head.

You can usually find me sitting in the forest in my backyard with my dogs (Romy, Pansy, Remus, & Oriel) and cats (Isis, Gandalf, Evie, Lordi, & Waltari) or with my friend Amy. My dog Jazzi of 15 years died in 2007. Another place I frequent is the local library.

I am planning on moving to Finland after I graduate. The country has always been in my dreams and I am fascinated by the culture. I have some friends in Finland that are teaching the language to me.


Miranda Oney Poems

Stolen Innocence

Taken away is innocence,
never to return.
Loving heart still intact,
but shame and horror set in.... more »

Sitting, Waiting

Sitting, Waiting,
on what, I've yet to determine.
Life and all its existence passing by,
slowly, tediously.... more »

The Sky Is Crying Today

The sky is crying today.
Sadness grips the world,
grips even at your cold heart.
Frozen by fear, drowning in alcohol,... more »

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