• A Place Of Tears

    Crying comes naturally in this house,
    no tears of joy, but of hate and fear.
    Screaming engulfs these walls.
    Pain from the physical attacks,... more »

  • And You Think Your Job Is Hard?

    Bombs falling, people die,
    no stalling, children cry,
    sad faces, mourning wives,
    empty places, hidden knives,... more »

  • Apology

    So sorry am I, my dear friend.
    I fear I led you astray.
    This really shouldn't be the end.
    It's hard for me to convey.... more »

  • Calm

    Bring peace of mind, dear friend,
    to this place of silence.
    We shall finally bring an end
    to all the pain and violence.... more »

  • Cries Of The Forgotten

    Can you hear the screaming?
    The tortured helpless cries
    among the Holy Mountains that rise?
    Or am I just dreaming?... more »

  • Disheveled, I Look Up At You

    Disheveled, I look up at you,
    my protector, my muse, my love.
    Having cried for days, my eyes
    are puffy, red, and glistening... more »

  • Eyes

    Dark and deep, into the soul
    one can reap, part of the whole
    cautious and quiet, social fear
    can cause a riot, madman leer... more »

  • Future

    Sunlight rays through the shield,
    staring out into the field.
    Listen not to futures call,
    freedom rights seem so small.... more »

  • Hungry, So Hungry

    Hungry, so hungry.
    Been a while now.
    Mommy's so lonely,
    don't speak of how.... more »

  • Imperfect Prince

    You aren't the strongest of them all,
    Nor the most athletic.
    There are those that may call
    you weak and pathetic.... more »

  • It

    Torture. The language every person can speak.
    Subtle or Flamboyant. To each His own.
    Either able to make grown men squeak,
    able to tear flesh, organ, and bone.... more »

  • Lifetime

    Darkness, quiet, all around.
    Nothing here, up or down.
    Slowly, genlty, push on through.
    Drink up to the health of you.... more »

  • Mosh Pit

    Wild, sweat-soaked bodies crashing
    into one another. Deafening, skull pounding
    music splits through the thick, musky
    air. Fists slamming into the sky along... more »

  • Not Mine

    Writings come not from my mind,
    search not for ye will not find.
    Music beats play through my head,
    think too hard and they're all dead.... more »

  • Over

    Look him in the eye,
    says sorry, so am I.
    Pain increasing, I want to bawl,
    I want to forgive after all.... more »

  • Past Genius, Present Fool

    Numbers rumble through my head,
    equations must be remembered.
    Tests are something students dread,
    can't wait til December.... more »

  • Senses

    Feel the magic all around,
    Leaves floating in the air.
    See the Sprites scamper across the ground
    without a worry or a care.... more »

  • Sitting, Waiting

    Sitting, Waiting,
    on what, I've yet to determine.
    Life and all its existence passing by,
    slowly, tediously.... more »

  • Sleeping Love

    The rhythm of your heart drums its magical melody in my ear.
    Your chest rises and falls with each breath you take. My head
    rests in the crook of your neck, taking in your natural scent.
    Your gentle hand rests on the small of my back, fingers... more »

  • Smile Sweet Soul

    Smile sweet soul
    for thou art free.
    Finally whole,
    No more to see.... more »

  • Stolen Innocence

    Taken away is innocence,
    never to return.
    Loving heart still intact,
    but shame and horror set in.... more »

  • Tattooed Rose

    A beautiful rose, sitting somber still,
    over the heart of the beloved.
    Such a sight sends up a chill,
    seeing Love on that bed.... more »

  • The Sky Is Crying Today

    The sky is crying today.
    Sadness grips the world,
    grips even at your cold heart.
    Frozen by fear, drowning in alcohol,... more »

  • The Words Of Lovers

    Lovers quarrel, they fight, they cry.
    Pain so intense that words are useless.
    Emotions emitted as beastly sounds,
    no thoughts, no language, just feelings.... more »

  • Them

    'Repent Heathen! ' is what They cry,
    carrying Their torches.
    No one even wonders why,
    They just watch from Their porches.... more »