• God's Gift To All

    It was a wet, inclement day,
    the clouds hung oppressively low,
    as we travelled through the haze,
    driving to our destination,... more »

  • Happy Are You

    Happy are you
    When you read
    God's Word,
    You will succeed... more »

  • Harps Of Gold

    The sound of music
    Fills the air,
    As gentle winds
    Strum softly... more »

  • Humility

    Humility is like
    a most sensitive plant.
    Blow a breath on it, and
    it swiftly droops its head.... more »

  • Immortal Hope

    I know the beauty
    that touches the heart
    with life-giving strength.
    I have the faith and trust... more »

  • Jesus Loves Me

    I will sing of Your strength,
    I will sing of Your love,
    I will praise You
    Because You love me.... more »

  • Jesus Loves You

    Jesus loves you,
    There is only one thing
    You need to do
    To receive God's love,... more »

  • Light In The Manger

    I stand alone beside
    the cowshed at night,
    Watching the full moon,
    Cast its silvery fragrance... more »

  • Light Of Love

    I will praise You, Lord,
    with all my heart,
    How great is Your
    wonderful love for me.... more »

  • Light Of My Life

    Your greatness
    Is seen in
    All the world,
    Your praise... more »

  • Listen To God

    I come to God
    to receive
    words of wisdom and truth,
    heavenly secrets.... more »

  • My Child

    My Child,
    I love you,
    You are mine.
    I am the Glory... more »

  • My Writing Desk

    I sit at my writing desk,
    a brightly polished
    mahogany escritoire,
    with a huge writing leaf,... more »

  • O The Deep Deep Love Of Christ

    O, the deep, deep love of Christ,
    It truly surpasses all knowledge,
    Who can ever really understand
    The depth of the love of God?... more »

  • Priceless Treasure

    Lord Jesus,
    You are the treasure
    Of my heart,
    The joy of all joys,... more »

  • Soul Mates

    It is certainly wonderful
    to recognise a spiritual soul mate.
    Something will leap for joy within us,
    and we will be filled with the Holy Spirit.... more »

  • Struggles

    Don't be surprised that
    you are going through struggles.
    God loves you, and is teaching you
    new lessons in faith.... more »

  • Sunrise Glory

    My eyes flutter open
    in the predawn hours,
    My face feels the refreshing
    coolness of the early-morning air.... more »

  • Sunrise Of Hope

    Hope rises in our hearts
    like the sunrise over a
    snow-capped mountain peak,
    reaching up to the skies.... more »

  • The Cry Of The Harvest

    Can you hear the
    cry of the harvest
    sounding out plaintively
    from endless furrows and rows... more »

  • The Divine Artist

    I feel so little
    Against the might
    Of the Lord,
    Yet I feel... more »

  • The Power Of The Lord

    The power of the Lord is so great
    that we can feel the Holy Spirit
    working in our hearts at all times,
    to will and to do for His good pleasure.... more »

  • The Song Of Nature

    The beauty of the moonlight
    shines through the leafy branches
    of the tall trees in the wood,
    making little pools of silver... more »

  • The Walk

    I walked slowly
    Silently soaking in
    The serene solitude
    Of a sequestered garden,... more »

  • The Wilderness

    The wilderness
    is a place
    of renewal
    and restoration,... more »