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26 Seconds

​In America, every 26 seconds a student drops out of high school.
At my school, school is your life or your screwed, because colleges look at your GPA. That's why you need straight As. A 4.0 is too low, do you know an average degree won't get you a job that pays? SATs, ACTs, and druggies; my campus, a discombobulated destruction of brilliant minds slammed into ones and zeros; my transcript, a spoonful of alphabet soup, and we are heroes
It's been 26 seconds. Somebody gives up.
Excel excel excel. You're brain, they say, is a rocket that won't launch without the base of passing grades. And I know. I know. But sometimes the days drag me down, the very ground that I walk on is a laundry list of historical towns and abstract nouns. Memorize facts, names, dates, lines, the breeding patterns of the Mediterranean fruit fly.... more »

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