Mirza Ghalib Comments (32)

Gila hai shouq ko DIL main bhi Tangii-eJaa ka, Gauhar main mahv hua Iztiraab darya ka..
Gila hai shouq ko bhi Tangii-eJaa ka, Gauhar main mahv hua Iztiraab darya ka..
Khat likhenge garche matlab kuch na ho ham to ashiq hain tumhare naam ke
Mat pooch kay kya haal hai mera tere pechay tu dekh kay kya rang hai tera mere agay
Aisa Aasaan nahin lahu rona dil main taaqat jigar mein haal kahan
Mirza Ghalib was the first poet of Urdu who expressed not only his heart feeling but described his thoughts. He teach his age to live with courage and teach us to live with thinking.
Ghalib is a worthless poet and never described by one word. He described a reality of living british indian era by the passage of his life. Such a legandary poet never match with any other poet in this world.
Wow, I suppose his works are translated into English on this site, because as far as I know he was a total Urdu legend and had nothing to do with English.
har ek baat pe kehte ho tum ke 'too kya hai'? tumheeN kaho ke yeh andaaz-e-guftgoo kya hai? such a superb poet r.in the world.
The only Urdu, farce and Arabic merely poet in this Subcontinental. performances and works and more quality poems was not possible to protect or achieved because of then political situation. Not ever the best poet born in this subcontinental.