• Always And Never

    Alway messing up everything
    Never feeling the same
    Always think if you screw up
    Never wated to be here... more »

  • Clear As Water Red As Fire

    Clear as water
    Red as fire
    Hatered burns inside of me
    Love also burns inside of me... more »

  • Every Day And Every Night

    Every day I am without you its pain because I love you
    Every night I am without you its evil because I'm still without you
    But every time I am with you and can show you my love
    I can't express my love because it's so hard... more »

  • Fire Is Blood Water Is Tears

    The fire is like the blood in my viens
    The water is like the tears that flow down my face
    Only person tht sees the fire will feel heat in thier blood
    Who only sees the tears will feel the pain with in the water... more »

  • Je T'Aime Kylle

    Kylle Je T'aime with all of my heart
    Je T'aime all moi copains

    English Translation... more »

  • Last School Year

    My las year that I'm in LOHS
    I can't wait to get out
    There won't be anymore waking up at 6: 15 a.m everyday except Wednesday. Saturday, and Sunday
    No more homework... more »

  • Living Without You

    If you ever left me
    I don't think I could survive with out you
    Everytime I think somethings going to happen to us
    You always re-insure me that nothings going to happen to us... more »

  • Love The Heart

    Love covers the heart.
    You will feel all warm and comfy.
    That should make you feel in love.
    Plus feeling all giggly.... more »

  • Name Of Path

    Walking down a long narrow path.
    Does this path of love or death?
    No one knows what it is.
    You will just have to find out what it is.... more »

  • Not Wanting To Be Here

    I don't want to be here anymore
    I don't feel good
    I also don't want to be in school anymore either
    But oh well no one cares I shouldn't be here anymore... more »

  • Worried

    I am worried about you
    I am worried about me
    I am just worried about everything
    I don't know why I am this worried I just am... more »