• A Life Gone

    Empty boxes
    subtle nuances
    always remind me
    of you.... more »

  • Because I Can

    because I have - the freedom to write
    because I have - the freedom to care
    because I have - the freedom to love
    I will leave all my memories there.... more »

  • Being Without Knowing, Fairing Thee Well

    Knowing his countenance,
    fairing that ownership shall be mine.
    Giving without taking,
    true beauty, one day will shine.... more »

  • Fall 2006 (Senyru)

    Leaves changing with time,
    like our lives within us, still
    keeping us in line.... more »

  • I Believe

    I believe.
    I believe that He was born for me.
    I believe that He forgave me long ago.
    I believe.... more »

  • Life's Unfolding Lesson

    Given the gift of poetry and rhyme,
    I have decided to tell a small tale.
    One seen all too frequently before,
    so I shall not ye bore,... more »

  • Masquerade

    Knowing to move, or just to sway
    was the emotion poised to me this day.
    Feelings new and almost surreal,
    allowed my heart to stay.... more »

  • No One

    No one to say 'Goodnight Sweet Girl, '
    no one to hold me tight.
    No one to close the window blinds,
    and shut out all the light.... more »

  • Nowhere Else To Hide

    Who I am and who I will never become.
    That is the statement poised to me this day.
    I have become so hateful to myself,
    there really isn't much else to say.... more »

  • One (Haiku)

    ... more »

  • One Last Wish

    May your troubles be light.
    May your happiness be full.
    May your wishes come true.
    May your sadness be null.... more »

  • Our Space

    Knowing each others souls
    may not be enough,
    there are still details to uncover.
    Searching our memories,... more »

  • Questions (Senyru)

    Weathering the storm
    seas of waves do tell their tales
    leaving me at bay... more »

  • The Amazement Of My Children

    A newly created crayon
    sits innocently on the floor.
    It is the brand new color that
    my children have learned to explore.... more »

  • The Novel, Started Not Fully Written

    There comes a time and place
    when all we have done
    will show its face.... more »

  • The Rumor Mill

    The Rumor Mill
    The Rumor Mill
    yes, it's reared it's ugly face.... more »

  • True Gifts

    Pictures, pictures everywhere
    are all the images I see.
    What we made are beautiful,
    precious little ones indeed.... more »

  • What I Did

    The cuts I made will turn into scars.
    Pain and remorse into guilt.
    Not knowing which of these is worse,
    what I did, or how those I hurt felt.... more »

  • What Would You Do?

    What would you do,
    if you saw my face full of tears?
    What would you say to me,
    to erase the emptiness of those years?... more »