well... what can i say..
i'm young - eighteen
female and still attending high school..

dealt with a lot of things iin my short life time...
i could write a book, but no one would read it... lol.

i have one full brother and three step brothers... as of today, that is...
both my parents are re-married (for how long... i dont know...)
i've been through too many relationships.. some that you wouldnt believe... i even ended up living with one for a good year when i was sixteen....
i think i've grown up maybe a little bit too fast... but... like i said.. my life is complex..

to explain my poems...
well... i think writing is futile unless it makes the reader experiance something they werent aware of to begin with....
most of my poems spew from anger, resentment... or depression.... bitterness... angst... well... you get the point...

and yeah....
thats all the insight you get right now...


missy harris Poems


futuristically transfixed with the throw of a stone
I am a deep pool of water
cold to the touch
and you can never reach me... more »

The Rose

Unravel me like a rose
pick me apart one by one
and utter your meaningless phrases
Tell me what I want to hear... more »


bleed it through
let it spill through my pores and down my skin
let it snarl at the composed
and tear at the throats of the reserved... more »

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Comments about missy harris

Lindsey Zacher 07 Jan 2005 12:37
your poems are very touching. it's good to see you have an amazing way to express your feelings...keep up the good work
Graham Leese 04 Dec 2004 07:02
I really like the style you write in and the juxtoposition you use. your imagery is thought provoking and emotive, and captures a sense of human spirit that many can relate to. From scanning this site over the past few months, your poetry has stood out the most. i look forward to more. Graham