• I Watched A Man Die

    I watched a man die today
    swollen fingers turning yellow
    in the burning sun
    he was wearing a winter coat... more »

  • It's Snowing

    There's lies and meaningless things and kind things
    Sometimes so similar it's hard to tell them apart
    And why would you
    The snow feels good on your face and the darkness safe... more »

  • Origami

    I never understood origami
    pink floyd and beer on tap
    it's simple
    there's a lot of them hanging over the bar... more »

  • Saturday, Too Early

    among the screaming trains and rushing dead-eyed guys with open coats and gum covered stairs and orange lights i rest
    i rest my head and i'm fucking high
    the train door opens
    people rushing in and out checking their phones and no one is smiling... more »

  • Then It Got Cold

    then it got cold
    branches holding you up
    a lost dog searching the streets
    in the moonlight... more »

  • Unresolved Issues

    just do it
    don't do it
    get over it
    ignore it... more »

  • Waiting

    As I was standing there waiting
    for his mouth to move
    the words to be formed
    I saw something peculiar... more »