• Be My Rocket Queen

    You'll never feel bad anymore
    You'll never hurt anymore
    You'll never see me anymore... more »

  • Bittersweet

    I'm here in my mold
    Waiting to get sold
    By the one who stand out in bold
    Cause all i want to do is hold... more »

  • Coma

    I wish
    Don't we all have wishes?
    Don't we all want things?
    Don't we all need things?... more »

  • Dream, Keep Dreaming.

    As of now
    My life is a smiling frown
    Drill this information into my head
    Make me relive the dead... more »

  • Eyes Wide Open

    I miss you so much
    I miss your gentle touch

    I scream inside for something new... more »

  • Fix Me! !

    They say they're gonna fix my brain
    Alleviate my suffering and my pain
    But by the time they fix my head
    Mentally I'll be dead... more »

  • Here I Come

    I come here to tell you no lies
    All you gotta do is look deep in my eyes
    Blue as the skies
    Decieve me and everyone dies... more »

  • Hole In My Soul

    Loneliness is such a drag
    When you've lost everything you ever had

    I treated you like a queen... more »

  • I Got Your Hey Oh

    I'm tired of all these foolish lies
    I only tired to compromise
    I let you have my eyes
    Now you stand and watch while i cry... more »

  • I Need You

    Give me some time
    I just want to walk this thin line
    My love is like no other kind
    You'll be the only one in my mind... more »

  • Love

    Take anything you want from me

    Anything your heart desires... more »

  • Love And Love

    How to mend this broken heart
    I still can't believe we fell apart

    I gave you my all... more »

  • Mixed Words Of Fumbled Emotions

    I'm so confused
    And now i confess
    What do i do of all this mess... more »

  • My Mind Is So Cold

    My mind is so cold
    Just remembering the days of the old
    You never know what cha got
    Till its gone... more »

  • Raise Your Voice

    Take a look at my heart
    And tell me what you see
    Tell me how far i pushed in this dart
    I'm sorry but i can only be me... more »

  • Sunny Day

    I need help on this sunny day
    What are the things i have to pay
    To make this pain go away... more »

  • What If?

    What if i said Forever?
    How many times would you say never?

    What if i said Everlasting?... more »

  • What Is Love For?

    Who are you?
    What have you become?
    I know your thinking your the only one
    But your not alone... more »