• Taishite Allen

    Temae dearou anou temae kirai ware,
    Datte hon'in nou yuuri.
    Hon'in nou nan temae tezawari,
    Motte hon'in tezawari sore nimo.... more »

  • Though I Chose Death Instead Of Pointless Pain

    Though I chose death instead of pointless pain,
    Please forgive the manner of my leaving.
    My love and need for all of you remain.
    I could not long such suffering sustain,... more »

  • Too Late

    She sits all alone
    Huddled up in despair
    Tears are rolling down her face
    Her hope is leaving with each tear... more »

  • Truth

    I now finally know the truth.
    I now know I can never be with you.
    No matter how much I love you,
    Even if my love overflows the oceans,... more »

  • Virus

    As I stand upon my ledge,
    I gaze down at the world that hates me.
    I ask myself,... more »

  • Voice Of Sorrow

    I am the coice of sorrow.
    Hollow and alone.
    The fault is my own.
    The end is near,... more »

  • Who Is Who

    Pretending to be someone.
    Predictable to those who harass.
    Who are you?
    Who am I?... more »

  • With You

    I wanna grow old with you.
    I wanna die lying in your arms.
    I wanna look into your eyes.
    I wanna be there for you,... more »

  • You Never Really Loved Me

    You never loved me
    I don't know how I never knew
    I've known you my whole life
    I've never known the real you... more »