• Addiction

    You're full of bollocks, You're full of shit
    You claim that you dont need one last hit
    'Cos you're giving up, You're coming clean
    Though you dont seem all too keen... more »

  • Sarcastic Ode To Something I'D Rather Forget

    Do you ever stop to wonder why
    You cant stop living a bare faced lie?
    You always slag off everyone
    Forgetting all the shit you've done... more »

  • The Darkening Rom

    In the corner of a darkening room
    You're hiding away from all the gloom
    Of the world thats speeding by outside
    Not waiting for you as you try to hide... more »

  • Train Journey

    Sitting on a train watching the world go by,
    Theres something i like about it but im not sure why.
    Whole cities and towns pass at a moments glance.
    If you dont look at the right time you'll miss your chance.... more »