• Beauty

    It's the appearance, some say
    But that's fake we know.
    It's shown when you're happy or sad,
    Standards high or low.... more »

  • Beyond That Brick Wall

    Wild young imaginations exorcised,
    Clogged up with advice expertise
    Drawn above—a canopy of fake shines
    One of love, yet an unseen callous... more »

  • Brothers

    We're made for each other
    And forever sure we'll be—
    ‘Cause once we've come together
    You sparkle up life for me.... more »

  • Fairy Tale Dreams

    Fairies, witches, pixies and goblins,
    Perhaps the dwarfs and Snow White;
    Or candies and cookies in silver tins—
    Oh my, what a sight!... more »

  • Here's A Goodbye

    A great time it was—can never forget;
    Won't make it go, don't want to let,
    But now the end's set
    Seems like just yesterday we met.... more »

  • I Need You Right Now

    I know you are still mad at me,
    Cannot be mended by a simple ‘sorry';
    Didn't know how hurting it could be,
    Failed to realize how important you are to me.... more »

  • I'M Stuck…

    The world isn't as it ought to be,
    It's just not made for me
    It's not about the daily difficulties
    For which solutions seem to be possibilities.... more »

  • Lonely Soul

    The doors are shuttin',
    No windows creakin',
    Only weak footprints
    Against the cold winds.... more »

  • Make Some Room

    Vast, indigent, and cruel, being;
    Submerging these mute foundlings
    Deceiving the ages, composing his drone
    Life—a recluse of the forlorn.... more »

  • Memories

    Like the ripples in a lake, lasting forever,
    Soft and gentle like drifting feathers—
    Sometimes quite as toes on tips,
    Other times violent like rumbling thunder.... more »

  • Mercy

    Divinity puts forth its quality
    Twice blessed, to him who gives and takes
    Within the white depths, lies its tranquillity
    Sought after by lives at stake.... more »

  • Misunderstandings

    Obvious cause of hampered relations,
    Wandering on the edge of indecision
    Incessant pain fills in—
    From the weal of vice it flows... more »

  • Monsieur Nostle Du Jillkins

    Monsieur Nostle Du Jillkins,
    Has his mind sharper than a pin.
    Never won yet never put down
    But neither lets anyone win!... more »

  • Nature's Pain

    Through the greens, rivers flow,
    In the blue skies, the sun glows;
    Like the gentle young, water pours
    From mountains capped with snow.... more »

  • The Last Seconds

    When the winds take the sand,
    And there falls a crack—
    Splitting open the parched lands;
    Tearing apart mankind's tracks.... more »

  • Those Mass Killers

    Down my cheek, rolls her sweat,
    She was really hard to get;
    My mind's on only one thing set,
    That first day—the day we met.... more »