• A Friend Is Born

    It started with a simple action.

    No, I can't mention that action, it's a treasure,... more »

  • Alone And Lonely

    Days, nay, months of endless boredom,
    Familiar yet unfamiliar surroundings,
    The sight of familiar and bosom friends
    Not anywhere near,... more »

  • An Agile Death

    She was aware of her daughter’s peculiar behaviour of
    Using her mobile phone till late night,
    At times till dawn,
    She could see her often moving away from people when her... more »

  • Dear Halimos

    I know you will turn red when you finish reading this.

    I know you will grimace, I know you will be mad at me for revealing everything.... more »

  • Desperate Bloke

    The sight of the beautiful hijabs blown by the winds creates
    Unnecessary urge and crave in him,
    Years of restriction in far foreign land necessitating his mission of
    ‘I wanna smash it one time’,... more »

  • From The Horse To The Equine

    They told me that I belong to the same house as you,

    they single-handedly made the decision,... more »

  • Haiku

    For Minister Abass

    1.... more »

  • He Knows No Hospital Gate

    He moves from one hotel to another in search of food; food that has been left by customers,
    food that has been thrown in to the dustbin.
    He knows it is his comfy and only available food.
    He empties all the food content in the bin to his waiting paper bag... more »

  • Princess Fake

    Days of endless telephone conversation,
    Nights of endless intimate chatting,
    Their love story seemed untouchable and bonded.
    Him giving his best and her giving her best, they assured... more »

  • She

    She was the seal beam to my soul,
    Steering sensor to said subject.... more »

  • The Biting Drought Of Nep

    Above, the clear blue sky
    Treats the people with no hope,
    The scorching sun gives them
    Unending nightmares,... more »

  • The Pack Is Intact

    For Fatuma Gedi

    They tried to claw you with their weak nails,
    but what is a rat's claw to an elephant's back, Fatuma?... more »

  • The Wailing Strip

    I know of a strip whose atmosphere knows no tranquility

    I know of children whose next moment greets them with no parents... more »