Comments About Mohammad Akmal Nazir

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Akmal Mazit 31 Mar 2019 01:09
Ishan 15 Jul 2018 08:06
Beautiful lines ..
Nick Krakana 17 Jul 2011 09:39
Like this, simple and true, always rings through......NK
Well said poet..Great words....You know I rated it 9 because I was eager to get just one last sentence, but you denied(smiling) ..great my poet...I love it so much... I have already taken it for a frame in my room with the last part saying ' By: Mohd. Akmal Nazir....'
Chris Darlington 23 Jun 2011 03:42
some strong stuff in these poems
Linda Patino 21 Jun 2011 11:00
Beautiful poem..I loved it. I will gladly read more of your poems..Thank you for your nice comment on mine.
Deejay Manaleng 13 Jun 2011 09:10
A humble complaint indeed it is....11 out of 10 love the 'thorns on my lips'
Hribhu Dey 12 Jun 2011 09:04
Varied subjects come to be foregrounded...personal experiences graduate into acquiring a universal value...luv reading your poem.
Mohammad Akmal Nazir 06 Jun 2011 01:46
Audrey Heller (Miami United States; Female; 79)  To: Mohd. Akmal Nazir  Date Time: 4/2/2011 7: 57: 00 PM (GMT -6: 00)  Subject: My Poems Thank you, so very much for you wonderful critiques. I'm very pleased indeed, in how you feel about my work. I did go and read, several of your new poems and I must say, you too, do a great job. We write differently, but you're very deep! I thank you, for sharing your work with me and I hope you'll continue toread mine, whenever you can! Audrey Heller