• *a Farmer*

    Clad in shabby dress, stinks sweat,
    A churlish who works day and night
    In the field,
    To speed up the pace of progress,... more »

  • *a Humble Complaint*

    You could have been more polite observing me,
    Your harsh words have left
    An indelible impression,
    Hatred can be won by love alone,... more »

  • *a Song Of Sorrow*

    I write and remove thy name,
    In this way I punish my heart,
    Thy love was nothing but a game,
    And I was defeated by thy ways smart.... more »

  • *amar Singh, A Political Middleman*

    A political middleman,
    Other's weakness is his greatest strength,
    Trusts only himself
    And likes to be trusted,... more »

  • *our Indian Politicians*

    ... more »

  • *the Cycle Of Day And Night*

    When chirping of birds reaches my ear,
    When the call of the caller
    Does the heart tear,
    When the rippling of the river do I hear,... more »

  • ~false Beauty~

    All the pleasant adjectives,
    Were hovering
    around her,
    Each of them wished,... more »

  • ~mulayam Singh Yadav, The Iron Man Of Indian Politics~

    A staunch enemy of communalism,
    A lover of peace and tranquility,
    Always ready to make sacrifice
    For the sake of unity and fraternity,... more »

  • A Bee

    Hovering around the flowers,
    It sucks the juice and converts it
    Into honey,
    What a loss!... more »

  • A Bitter Truth

    The life will remain the same,
    You will remain the same,
    They will remain the same,
    The world will remain the same... more »

  • A Busy Street

    Shameless, nude always invites
    To outrage her modesty,
    Smooth and grey
    who would not be... more »

  • A Celebration On India Winning The Cricket World Cup 2011

    The day was really a boon for them
    Which suppressed their hunger and pain
    Amidst the pleasure of victory
    They had little money for food... more »

  • A College

    An industry of knowledge where citizens are made,
    A field of intellect where its seeds are sown,
    To reap them somewhere else,
    A blessed place even for the cursed.... more »

  • A Common Man's Prayer

    I pray you to take me to that height,
    From where fall is not possible,
    But I know my worth,
    Being a human being I am the victim of... more »

  • A Conclusion

    Primary ambition-
    Earning, spending, loving, rejoicing, leaving everything far behind.

    Secondry ambition-... more »

  • A Confession

    You have gone away from my life
    But you still inhabit in my heart
    When I try to forget you,
    I remember you most.... more »

  • A Crime In The Dark Of Night

    Under the cover of the drowsy night,
    I see a very painful sight,
    On the outskirts of the city,
    A crime is born out of pity,... more »

  • A Cruel Attitude

    I don't want to say anything
    You have left me for nothing
    You have filled my life with sorrow
    I don't know what will happen tomorrow... more »

  • A Daring Hope

    My pain grows and my heart sinks,
    When far away in the sky a star blinks,
    The star of my life is about to sink,
    And when about it I impatiently think,... more »

  • A Deadly Dream

    A little while ago I was among them
    Smiling, talking and calling the life pleasure,
    I remember a twinge of pain in my chest
    And then it was dark all around,... more »

  • A Deal In Helplessness

    They got ready to shoot the scene,
    He unbuttoned her,
    Her nude body was shining like marbel,
    But her coyness was annoying him... more »

  • A Demon, Reservation

    Gathered in the scorching sun
    Wet with perspiration
    Throats are dried up due to the stress of raising slogans
    They are demanding reservation for their people... more »

  • A Denial Of Gratitude

    I bought an expensive saree for you,
    And again you did the same,
    You critised my like as usual,
    And broke my heart into pieces,... more »

  • A Departure

    When you depart, all the beauty of my life departs
    When you arrive, spring comes all around
    My heart is kindled with the flame of your love
    My disappointment turns into hope... more »

  • A Diabolic Act, Rape

    A diabolic feeling for the flesh,
    Arouses in the realm of thought,
    A fire that reduces wisdom to ashes,
    For the pleasure of moments,... more »