• A Dream Of The Judgement Day

    No moon, no stars, no planets,
    There was not even universe where they existed,
    There was a vast land all around,... more »

  • A Flight

    Thy abode is in the mountains,
    O, eagle of high altitude,
    I love thee for thy courage and zeal,
    Thou soar in the sky... more »

  • A Friend Or A Blood Sucker?

    I am not in my spirits these days
    Someone has taken away my repose
    But I shall not name him for he is my friend
    Specially the friend of the summer nights... more »

  • A Fruitless Effort

    You can make thousands of rules
    You can hold plenty of meetings
    You can stage protests after protests
    You can run many awareness compaigns... more »

  • A Glimpse Of Spring

    Now the spring comes with all its delight,
    The plants are laden with colourful blossoms,
    White, yellow, purple, blue, and red,
    There intoxicating fragrance enthralls the mind... more »

  • A Guest

    He is a great source of joy,
    Having him one feels contentment,
    For he provides one a chance,
    To show one's generosity,... more »

  • A Hallucination

    ... more »

  • A Helplessness

    See the dark night has slept,
    Covering herself with the light of thy memories,
    And left me with the darkness of dejection,
    I don't know when the streak of light will pierce this darkness,... more »

  • A Hope From New Year

    The arrival of a guest is very near,
    He is the harbinger of peace and expectation,
    For us he will be like a seer,
    Who will teach us the lesson of affection.... more »

  • A Hope Without Resolution

    Hopes, ambitions, aspirations,
    They are useless if not marked by graveness,
    Keep on weaving the trap,
    Who prevents you?... more »

  • A Humble Suggestion

    Nature supports us for we support Nature,
    She will ruin us if we resort to ruin her
    For She is the part of that immament power
    Which controls the universe.... more »

  • A King Of Flatterers

    Feel what I feel,
    Do what I do,
    Say what I say,
    Mortgage your heart, your mind... more »

  • A Kiss Of Truth

    The thirst of thy love stays on my lips
    Come and quench this thirst with thy lips
    Give me an eternal kiss
    Make me feel a soft touch of thy being... more »

  • A Lame Excuse

    I ignore them who ignore me
    I hate them who hate me
    I part with them who part with me
    I attend them who attend me... more »

  • A Lesson To My Son, Ahsan

    Save yourself from false ambitions,
    Save yourself from weak objectives,
    Save yourself from discreditable begging,
    Save yourself from shamlessness of the age,... more »

  • A Limerick- My Poor Poem

    Thou come and go
    At least I think so
    What happens then
    I lift my pen... more »

  • A Man Of God

    Instilled with the strength of character
    Standing fixed amidst the storm of evil
    Negating the rule of tyranny
    Supporting the rule of good... more »

  • A Man Of Simplicity

    A man of contentment,
    A man of dauntless faith,
    Afraid of being embarrassed
    In the next world.... more »

  • A Mother

    Filled with tender feelings,
    Like a tree which bears
    Its fruits with care,... more »

  • A New Beginning Of Ties Between India And Pakistan

    The time has come
    Let us fresh our ideas
    Let us water the dry plants of love
    Let us patch up the old quarrel... more »

  • A Nightingale

    ... more »

  • A Playful Destiny

    Sheer helplessness,
    Those moments of great disappointment,
    Empty pocket,... more »

  • A Poem On Mother's Day

    Makes you smile when you are in trouble,
    Makes you cry when you atone for your sin,
    Never deserts you when you are in gloom,
    Leaves you alone when you need more confidence... more »

  • A Praise, A Prayer

    Cherisher, sustainer, providence,
    Nobody is like Thee,
    Oneness is Thy quality,
    Thou art the Master of all the worlds,... more »

  • A Prayer

    O Lord, bless me With the light of knowledge,
    So that I may enlighten
    My character,
    To spread the light of... more »