• A Preacher Without Practice

    A tree is useless if
    its fruits are not fit to eat
    The beautiful flowers in the garden
    Are monotonous if they are without fragrance... more »

  • A Question

    ... more »

  • A Question Of Man

    I'm the one who enhanced
    The effect of His creation by His praise,
    I'm the one who filled
    His barren lands... more »

  • A Rapturous Morning

    Ripping the darkness of the night,
    The bride of morning removes her veil,
    She arrives on the planquin of fragrant breeze,
    The whole atmosphere turns intoxicating,... more »

  • A Reminiscence

    When I am alone,
    She comes silently
    And knocks at the door of my heart,
    I welcome her for she is... more »

  • A Resolution

    ... more »

  • A Resurrection

    The most beautiful moment of my life
    Reminds me of something that laid the foundation
    Of the ties between you and me
    It was a moment that resurrected me... more »

  • A Sacred River, The Ganga

    Sacredness is thy quality,
    It lies in the heart of thy devotees,
    Thy water may be dirty on surface
    But its nature is extremely holy,... more »

  • A Secret Of Success

    Journey of darkness,
    And a desire for a pinch of light,
    On the verge of death,
    And hope for a bit of life... more »

  • A Sterling Faith

    I am not worried about my future,
    Why should I?
    The Master of yesterday
    Is the Master of today,... more »

  • A Strange Trust

    For what we should trust each other?
    For the love we never had between us
    Or for the ego we always had
    That prevented us from being united... more »

  • A Summer Ordeal

    These days the sun is excessively hot,
    We can't see even the bright firmament with naked eyes,
    The drops of perspiration shine on the body all the time,
    Peace and comfort, the boons of winter,... more »

  • A Test Of Love

    You did it
    I did it
    But there was a difference
    You did it with hatred... more »

  • A Toy For You

    The day I saw you
    The night you forgot me
    Are still fresh in my mind
    I will never seek your company again... more »

  • A Tribute To My Ideas

    Sometimes I wonder how I manage to write a poem,
    But when it does, I sit down holding my head,
    I behold the ideas put on the sheet of the paper,
    They seem to say, ' You can't escape yourself from us. We shall come when we wish to come.'... more »

  • A True Guide

    I love to stay with you forever
    Because from you I have learnt
    To ignore my weakness and accomplish
    My task handsomely... more »

  • A Useful Advice

    Just look at your face
    How badly it has vitiated
    I know it is not an accident nor any sorrow
    It is the result of your evil deeds... more »

  • A Widow's Life

    Life is nothing but an empty show
    On the branch of hope no flowers grow
    Everything is dark before her eyes
    In her heart only anguish lies... more »

  • A Wish

    I wish to go from here
    To a place near the woods
    For from the sly world
    I shall make a cottage... more »

  • A Word Of Affection

    Will you stop me from being bad
    By beating me
    By depriving me of food
    By suspending my fundamental rights?... more »

  • A World Of Treason

    Let's see the world with an open eye,
    And take it as a bivouac not destination,
    Its love is false and nature sly,
    It's an obstacle in the way of emancipation.... more »

  • A Yoga Guru, Ram Dev

    A bearded look,
    Hiding his expression beneath it,
    Once claimed to be the champion of
    Anti-corruption movement,... more »

  • Abortion

    The blow was very cruel,
    The bud could not blossom,
    It died underneath,
    And who cares?... more »

  • Akbaruddin Owaisi, A Hatred Monger

    ... more »

  • All That Glitters Is Not Gold

    We face many truths and many lies
    In our daily life,
    But we always see the truth with doubt,
    And we often believe lies around us,... more »