• A Beautiful Person

    When you smile:
    Your eyes shine so bright,
    you get this grin on your face that could melt ice
    your cheeks get rosy... more »

  • A Part Of You A Part Of Me

    If I could touch the sky
    I’d reach the brightest star
    Of which I chose for you,
    It’s what you deserve for... more »

  • A Smile Exersice

    A Smile Exercise
    Its from the inside
    Smiles are made
    We take them out... more »

  • Beautiful

    It is just like you,
    Fresh and Beautiful,
    Lovely and Charming,
    Pretty and Cute,... more »

  • No Words

    There are no words
    to express what i feel for you...

    There are no songs... more »

  • Only Love

    Poetry cannot express,
    how much I feel for you,
    but once again I'm using it,
    to convey my love for you.... more »

  • Reason Why I Love You

    Reasons Why I Love You

    First I would just have to say... more »