Mohammad Muzzammil 2nd July,1986

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If all the people do their duty honestly, there will be no corruption
All fingers are not the same, but it has its own importance.
inequality, reality, moral
This is what we Indian dream, To make our lovely nation supreme. Our land is of martyrs and sages, That's known for bravery for ages. No one can break its strong unity, Runs smoothly from past to futurity. Variety of faith, language and culture, Put us always in the state of rapture. Flowing rivers and playing fountains, Our glory echoes among the mountains. Forests are the ornaments of our country, That are the centre of our prosperity. With their sacrifice they got India freed, In raising it high now we have to succeed.
Our Nation India

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Hii Hii
Your poetry often tends to underline some important society 's issues. You like to send some important messages through your poems to your readers.Your words are well crafted.I wish your poetry could enchant many readers.Good luck!
Nice poems all poems r heart touching...congrate muzammil bhai
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