• Au Revoir

    Pour mes étudiants

    Brightened faces, teary eyes,
    Confused minds and... more »

  • Chamber Of Gloom: Despondency​

    Wandering in the moors

    She smelt the rose of love,... more »

  • Chase

    "In the mountains, there you feel free"

    Under the shade of chinar tree... more »

  • Elation

    ... more »

  • Enchanté

    Awake she was in the middle of night
    Swimming in world of her thoughts,
    Asleep he was, though, slumbering deep,
    Alive in the realm of sleep.... more »

  • Enigma

    Innocence becomes a tool

    They plot, control and befool... more »

  • Farrago

    The perennial uncertainty which we hate,

    Becomes less of enemy, more of mate.... more »

  • Misery

    The sun departs assuring hope,

    Knocking perpetual miseries.... more »

  • Oneness

    You, who, with your pure solemnity,
    Swore this chase
    Have sailed a long way.
    Following this fading trail,... more »

  • Paradise Regained?

    On the lifeless mountain
    Where the flowers bloom,
    Shines the golden fountain
    And fresh winds blow... more »

  • Paradox

    Disbelief, is it or inability?
    A conundrum?
    Endeavours to resolve,
    with given complexity,... more »

  • Phantom

    Shall shadow of man,
    Whose life has been a reverie,
    Depart from the Earth and treachery?
    Withdrawing this world unreal... more »

  • Quest

    The search for voice is needed much

    For there is none to listen to... more »

  • Rejuvenation

    Swelling on earth
    With flower petals infinite;
    Shielding cadavers... more »

  • Separation And Union

    ... more »

  • Spring Of Light

    Benign breeze of cordial spring,
    Nature with its full pride sing
    Melodies to skying heights,
    Journeying eternal flights.... more »

  • The Vision

    Past all trepidations of conscious mind
    Encountered he, a place, alien kind.
    Fathomless its distance and million seas
    An unknown space of varying degrees.... more »

  • Triumph

    The path he took was less journeyed

    He knew it well yet chose to walk,... more »

  • Une Fille

    "Cry not, weep no more."

    Said they bidding their daughter adieu.... more »

  • Up Up And Away

    ... more »

  • Veneer

    Amid this vociferousness,
    Enervative endeavours,
    Smiles, façades,
    Songs and dances... more »

  • Verity

    Birds warble, man cannot hear,

    Harrowing dirge of the passing year,... more »