• A Ghazal Tonight


    Molting the mortal a soul smokes dripping light, ... more »

  • A Story Of Exile

    You left temples godless behind
    on their own, concerned.
    You took away deities asleep,
    draped in silk soaked with tears... more »

  • An Infidel Stroke (In Memories Of M.F.Hussain)

    Autumn chill brittl’d the leaves
    taking away their pious green.
    Leaving the tree naked, holding unsaid pain.... more »

  • The Lamb Of God

    The Lamb of God

    Saffron exsanguinates to fade to extinct; ... more »

  • Tonight

    If this much you love the pain,
    don’t I then present you my heart tonight.
    The night is a whore,
    bewitched me tonight.... more »

  • Wine

    Forbidden lures you crafting you an infidel
    Ah... tonight I hold the blessed cup of wine ... more »