• Clean And Green Gurgaon

    Only the persons who read literature,
    Save themselves and also the nature.
    I have a lot of embarrassing feel,
    Now our world is packed in a seal.... more »

  • Dad! I'M Sad You Don'T Remember!

    19 November is today, Is it so bad?
    My birthday’s today, I’m so glad.
    My birthday’s today, I gave you tonnes of clues,
    But you couldn’t figure out this great news.... more »

  • God! Why Did You Take Me There?

    As I search for your saving grace,
    I know one day I’ll see your face.
    Waiting is the hardest thing for me,
    I know with you I will be so free.... more »

  • I Love To Read The Books

    I loved to read the books
    curled up in a nook.
    They are our best friends
    as our friendship never ends.... more »

  • Our Class

    Our class is best in school
    Other classes are not so cool.
    We study, we write,
    But sometimes we fight.... more »

  • महंगाई

    चाहे प्याज़ हो या आलू,
    उसे खा सकता सिर्फ़ लालू (लालू प्रसाद) ।
    बढ़ गई है फिरसे महंगाई,
    करनी पड़ेगी फिर लड़ाई।... more »

  • सुदामा चरित

    पहरेदी – “हे प्रभु! सुनो सुनो
    नींद से अपनी कृप्या उठो।
    आया एक व्यक्ति बहुत गरीब
    वस्ञ उसके हैं बहुत अजीब।... more »

  • हाय भगवान

    मान या न मान
    ओह! मॆरॆ भगवान
    लुट गई तेरी शान, हाय!
    हाय भगवान!... more »