• A Haiku / Bout Nothing

    this is a haiku... more »

  • A Stolen Kiss

    I saw them walking down the street tonight
    The silver moon was shining bright

    Hand in hand they cooed like doves... more »

  • April Rain

    I've got to be strong
    I have little sisters
    A not so little brother
    Parents counting on me... more »

  • Beautiful

    Some say its the inside that counts
    I agree, but
    Sometimes thats easy to forget
    Because I know my inside... more »

  • Bloodthirsty

    think of all the tears i wasted
    and all the messages deleted
    that left me an empty shell
    so the only thing... more »

  • Complex

    I like vampires and wherewolves
    I listen to teen pop music
    I'm a total romantic
    I love parties... more »

  • Elegy To Imagination

    It seems it was just yesterday
    When a tree
    Was not a tree
    Trees were in fact... more »

  • Elegy To Summer

    The sun is gone
    The days are shorter
    Water is to cold to swim... more »

  • Falling Rain Haiku

    Here comes April rain... more »

  • Haiku / Trying

    Five, Seven, then Five... more »

  • I Am Mollie

    I am mollie with frizzy hair and princess eyes
    I wonder who I'll love when I'm older
    I hear school bells and locker doors slamming
    I see my sibling growing up... more »

  • If Only

    If only i could meet you
    If only you really knew me
    If only we weren't so far apart
    I know everything would be fine... more »

  • Legendary Possibilities

    Don't think
    Journeys begin with your first actions
    Real world possibilities... more »

  • Never Ending Madness

    It's everyday
    It's back and forth
    It's you and me
    But it's not us... more »

  • New

    New impressions to make
    New scandals to create
    New lifestyles to embrace
    New chances to take... more »

  • Ode To Music

    It fills me up
    My heart
    My mind
    My soul... more »

  • Praise For God

    I was sitting down the other day
    Trying to find the perfect way
    To give you praise
    But nothing seemed big enough... more »

  • Sadness

    Sadness is like water
    Just a little
    Can mess up a lot
    Just a little... more »

  • Saving My Angel

    Her blue eyes sparkled
    Even through her fears
    I looked down upon her
    I had to save her... more »

  • Sis

    You are so sweet
    My most best friend
    Crazy and inventive
    You love to play pretend... more »

  • Want

    I want to
    run my fingers through your hair
    I want to
    look deep into your eyes... more »