• I Feel So Me

    I feel so…
    Happy and overjoyed where I see colorful wrapped presents at Christmas
    Peaceful and mellow in the warm summer sun
    Wild and wacky wading in water... more »

  • It's Just Me

    I am Blue
    From the deep blue sea to the color of my jeans
    The endless sky
    Roaring of the ocean against the sandy ground... more »

  • Jump Rope Love

    my heart feels like it is playing jump rope in my chest
    my hands are like a waterfall of nerves
    my forehead is like a dewy field on a cool spring day
    my stomach is like a butterfly in the summer’s heat... more »

  • Middle School Mayhem

    six grade, oh boy
    new places, new faces
    here I come middle school
    busy hallways and I’m already confused... more »

  • Super Summer

    No more school
    I’m always swimming in the pool
    This is summer break, doesn’t this sound great?
    I smell loads of chorine... more »

  • Water And Me

    swimming is the like the moon and the sun for me
    the water's smooth fingers of bubbles dance on my summer tanned skin
    the slashes of the water ring in my ear
    the smell of chlorine awakens my soul... more »

  • Where My Heart Stays, Part 2

    One big sand beige house full of love, fun, and joy
    One room of Monet’s paintings, oh so beautiful
    Home to the elegant blue herons
    The scent of carefree days... more »

  • Where My Hearty Stays

    One little white house full of love, fun, and joy
    One room of teddy bears in the sky
    Home to my dear friends outside
    The scent of sunny days... more »