• A Cut Above The Rest

    They say tall people can not run short distances
    But look at this gangly man
    Who stands like a colossus
    Dwarfing all before him... more »

  • Hands Up For Him

    He is the Jamaican
    Who is a phenomena
    Let all be wowed
    And all be proud... more »

  • Hurrah For The Golden Boy

    Everyone can dream
    It is only natural to have dreams
    But some dreams remain just that
    Dreams... more »

  • Keep Shining

    You are a star high in the sky
    No one can catch you
    The best they can do
    Is to gaze in disbelief - mesmerized... more »

  • Kindred Spirit

    He has become a great source of inspiration
    For many in the developing world
    He has shown that it is possible
    To get to the top of one's game... more »