Hello. My name is Molly O'Shaunessy. I was born September 21st,2000. I have one little brother. His name is Tyler. He was born November 1st,2009. I have one little sister. Her name is Aliyanah. She was born July 8th,2013. I grew up in Illinois with my Dad and Mom. They Divorced when I was 10 years old. My mom re-married 2011 to My stepdad. I had a dog growing up. She was a pitbull. We named her peaches. My dad was a mechanic. My mom a health care nurse. I always had my best friends growing up. Alyssa, Emma, Savannah, and nia. Nia was my moms best friends daughter. Alyssa, Savannah, and Emma were my best friends from school.


Molly O'Shaunessy Poems


love is bright
it gives you hope
it is another day to live
it is the light of our lives... more »

What You'Ve Done

She paints a lovely picture
But here's the shocking twist
The paintbrush is a razor
And the canvas is her wrist... more »


Ashes, ashes
we'll all burn down
ashes, ashes
we'll all go to hell... more »

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Everyday you live your life wondering why did this happen? Why did that happen to me? Well, fate is an unplanned path for us, but one, that was also planned.
Molly O'Shaunessy

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