• Ashes

    Ashes, ashes
    we'll all burn down
    ashes, ashes
    we'll all go to hell... more »

  • Beatin And Alone

    people wonder what does that mean
    the horror you see in me everyday
    beatin and alone... more »

  • Cold

    a cold and lonely place
    no one should go
    a dark and scary place
    this is a place,... more »

  • Death

    death is all around
    death is everywhere
    seat is near
    death is very dear... more »

  • Don'T You Think

    you think you know me
    well you don't
    don't you think, that i would die for you?
    well your wrong... more »

  • Hush

    hush little baby
    don't you cry
    don't cut your
    don't say goodbye... more »

  • Like I Was Never Alive

    Would you cry,
    If I died?
    Or would you live you life
    Like I was never alive?... more »

  • Love

    love is bright
    it gives you hope
    it is another day to live
    it is the light of our lives... more »

  • Monsters

    ... more »

  • My Holy One

    My love
    My Holy one
    The one God
    Sent from above... more »

  • No One

    i walk down the hall
    watchin people laugh and talk
    no one glances my way
    i hang my head in shame... more »

  • Restless

    That's what I am
    The girl that never sleeps
    I walk the nights,... more »

  • Scars

    The scars upon my wrist
    are something no one should see
    a way to self harm
    so close to death... more »

  • Sleep

    Sleep tight
    Hold on to
    The dreams... more »

  • Something

    we all need that one thing
    to keep us alive
    a important resource
    that way... more »

  • Star

    you shine like a star
    your smile and all
    oh so bright
    you must be mine... more »

  • Star Light, Star Bright

    star light, star bright
    please save my soul tonight
    shine your light on the demon,
    who stole me away... more »

  • Suicide

    I have one thing on my mind
    i bet you could guess
    i think about it
    whenever depression takes over... more »

  • What You'Ve Done

    She paints a lovely picture
    But here's the shocking twist
    The paintbrush is a razor
    And the canvas is her wrist... more »

  • Who Am I

    You wonder who I am
    no one really knows
    you wonder where i'm from
    I don't even know... more »

  • Why

    you wonder why
    i do so many things
    why do i drink?... more »

  • Would You

    if i die
    would you miss me?
    if i went missing
    would you notice?... more »

  • Write

    Write a poem
    give it away
    write a song
    sing it to a crowd... more »