• A 'Normal' Grandmother-A Response To The City Of Beasts By Isabel Allende

    I love to burn the tongues of children
    with the flaming taste of Tabasco sauce.
    Trust me when I say “I’m not a villain”,
    though it’s hard to get that point across.... more »

  • A Price To Pay

    My heart skips a beat when you're talking to me.
    I can barely say a word, but when I do,
    It sounds absurd.... more »

  • A Tale Of Two Friends

    Would you believe
    this little tale I’ll tell
    About two friends
    Who tripped over and fell... more »

  • A World Without You

    A world without you,
    Is a world without light,
    A world without hope,
    A world without sight.... more »

  • Cherry Blossom

    Thinking about the times we had,
    Under the Sakura tree;
    Listening to the wind blow,
    Next to the clear blue stream.... more »

  • Climbing Fear-A Response To The City Of Beasts By Isabel Allende

    I saw the mirrors with silver water,
    and immediately, I thought:
    I couldn’t do it. I can’t climb it.
    There must be another way up.... more »

  • Deep Black Eyes

    I’m sorry I can’t say it above a whisper.
    I start to feel faint as the world starts to shiver.... more »

  • Don'T Wear Makeup At My Funeral

    My life may end,
    but, this message, my friend,
    is one I hope you listen to.... more »

  • Friday The 13th

    My heart’s beating hard
    about to burst
    I’m dizzy from
    thinking about the worst... more »

  • Guitar In The Dark

    ... more »

  • Half Full

    I feel like writing a poem now..
    Especially after our little fight,
    Listen to your brain-
    Listen to your heart-... more »

  • I Don’t Know

    I don't know what I could say to make you feel better....
    “Sorry” has been used too many times before...
    All I want is for us to be forever...
    But love, if this goes on, how could we anymore?... more »

  • I Need To Write A Poem

    I need to write a poem
    But what could I say?
    Should I write about school or love?
    Or how the sunset looks in May?... more »

  • If I Told You

    If I told you how I felt,
    would you run away
    would you laugh with your friends
    would you act this way... more »

  • I'M Sorry

    I’m sorry for every tear ever shed,
    I’m sorry for every second of sleep lost,
    I’m sorry for every thought of you in my head,
    I’m sorry for every cent I've cost,... more »

  • Inversions

    Inversions, these are.
    Go far, I won't.
    To talk like Yoda, I try.
    Like it, I don't.... more »

  • Labels

    I don’t care what you call me
    Cuz I know they’re just lies
    I’m not a nerd, I’m just smart
    I’m not weird, I’m just nice... more »

  • Milk White, Blood-Red

    Gently as wind blows
    Sways the beauty of the Milk White rose
    Day and night that rose stays
    Its beauty drawing people closer... more »

  • Misconception

    I’m not that type of girl,
    Even if it looks that way.
    I understand what you saw.
    I’m not sure what to say.... more »

  • Missing Angel

    I feel as though a very important part of me has gone...
    And nothing
    But an empty shell lies where I once lay...... more »

  • Missing Waves

    Listen here
    and listen well
    to the story
    I yearn to tell... more »

  • Mistakes

    Shouldn't do
    This...I'll regret it soon.... more »

  • My Name

    My name is the roses to my basket,
    the white, puffy clouds to my sky.
    It is the firm oak standing,
    and the peaceful waves rolling by.... more »

  • Never Reject A Pauper

    There once was a pauper who lived in a garret.
    She made many tapestries; was friends with a ferret.
    Although she lacked the privations of life,
    She longed incessantly to become a wife.... more »

  • Ninja

    He’s unseen
    but watching
    He’s unknown
    But all-knowing... more »