My name is Monica. I live in Batam Island, Indonesia. I was born in Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia.
I'm a housewife with 4 lovely sons (Galih, Juven, Bryan & Jo) .
I love poems since teenage. All the bad even worst or best things happened, it's gives me a power to write a poem.
Most of them I wrote in Bahasa Indonesia, so need to translate it into English version.


Monica Camelia Poems

What's Going On?

There's something that I cann't understand
There's something inside, deep in my heart that I cann't ignore it.

You come everynight in my dream without your face,... more »

Are You There

When its a time for me to wave my hand,
to say goodbye,
Are you there?... more »

You Melt Me

My dear,
Once upon a time,
After a long year goes by
You came into my life... more »

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