• Are You There

    When its a time for me to wave my hand,
    to say goodbye,
    Are you there?... more »

  • Do You Left Me?

    Once again, YOU left me
    At that corner where’s none of them wouldn’t looked
    the corner of nowhere... more »

  • Let's It Flow

    You stepped into my life
    To be my inspirations since beginning
    You stepped into my life, again
    After our long journey... more »

  • Love

    For sure, love never harms thee
    Only a high expectation did it
    Love just gives a pure sensation
    It is just a rhythm in silence... more »

  • What's Going On?

    There's something that I cann't understand
    There's something inside, deep in my heart that I cann't ignore it.

    You come everynight in my dream without your face,... more »

  • You Are So Young

    You are so young
    Still full of passion and ambitions
    You wanna to bring the whole world into your life... more »

  • You Melt Me

    My dear,
    Once upon a time,
    After a long year goes by
    You came into my life... more »