Monica Lynn Mason Biography

I am 21 and have 1 sister and 1 brother. The parents are very helpful and are wonderful grandparents. But, they still dont quite get me.....I am an pshyco-enviro-hippie emo, sort of. I love the thought of love and hate, death, suicide, animals, nature, and sensual things of certain degrees. I am anti-prep and ashholes piss me off. I am a nice person until you piss me off, then I am a cast iron, cold hearted Bitch! If you are one of my friends though, i am a nice, warm, fuzzy and beautiful person. Ive written up to 28 poems a day if im in a mood or im mad or depressed. I am now in the most successful, rewarding, and fun and wonderful career of my life. On august 3 2010, i had a beautiful baby girl. That tiny little life is now my reason for exsistance and since she was born, i have let my life revolve around her so, in apologize about not writing anything lately but, i will let you all have tastes of my new life on my own, with a new baby. Luckily for the both of us though....we have found an absolutly amazingly quirky, crazy, rudely entertaining, and down to earth man for the both of us......and he is the best thing thay has and will ever happen for me and little Ziana. He loves me for me, which is a chore, simply because once you get to know me, you will understand some of me but, i keep somethings hidden from everyone, somethings are yours and yours only to know.