• Again The Question Why?

    Why the long wait?
    Why stray from what you are planning to take?
    I am the one tied down,
    And you just came back aorund.... more »

  • Always In Our Dreams

    Life becomes a pile of lies,
    Now you’re seeing through my eyes.
    My tears that stain your shirt,
    Making trails through my face covered in dirt.... more »

  • As Long As The Stains

    Watching my last few drops,
    Falling~hitting the floor-my heart stops.
    I remember the smiles,
    The warm embraces.... more »

  • Blood Run

    Her blood excites me,
    Her warmth denies me,
    My throat craves for more.
    My teeth hit, my fingers dig in,... more »

  • Can I?

    Your weight on me,
    Your fingers scratching me,
    How can this beautiful passion really be?
    My body quivers,... more »

  • Hello Daddy

    Hello Daddy,
    Remember me?
    The little girl you used to fondly present,
    Now the young women you so often resent.... more »

  • Its Only February

    Darkness, it welcomes me so.
    I stalk through the land of shadows to my layer.
    I enter through my wall of blood and tears,
    That I have caused all these years.... more »

  • My Love That You Know

    The bad decisions,
    All the mistakes.
    Can't I just take it all away?
    I am hurting you evey day,... more »

  • Naturally In Love

    Walking through the trees,
    Feeling the sun on my back,
    The grass winding through my toes.
    And you are here with me.... more »

  • Pain, Of Our Needs

    If our lives revolve around pain,
    Why does love exist?
    Why, because it causes so much of the thing we hate.
    Something we love always finds a way to leave,... more »

  • The Lake

    As the darkness surrounds me
    I simply ask 'could this really be happening? ”
    The life started,
    The life I ended,... more »

  • What Does It All Mean.......

    What does it mean when we say 'hello',
    How's you're day,
    When we just smile and say,
    'I missed you today.'... more »

  • Why Cant I Just Be Me?

    One soul,
    With two hearts made whole.
    Trown into a deep abyss,
    Full of self-lessness and bliss.... more »